Kamal Azfar(M.A.(Oxford)

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  • Represented Pakistan at the Harvard International Seminar 1969 organized by Dr.Henry Kissinger-then  National Security Advisor to President Nixon.
  • Led a Delegation to North America and Addressed the Asia Society, New York in 1972.
  • Led a Delegation of Development Experts to China in 1974.
  • Participated in the Conference of Heads of Government held under the auspices of the Club of Rome at Salzburg in 1975 along with Prime Minister of Sweden, Canada and Chancellor of Austria.
  • Represented Pakistan as Leader of the Delegation at the Second International Conference of the New and Restored Democracies in Nicaragua in 1994.
  • Chaired the Special Committee of the Federal Cabinet during the Gulf War Crises 1990.
  • Represented Pakistan at the Executive Committee meetings of International Union of Local Authorities of Asia and Pacific Section held at Darwin, Australia in 1994.
  • Special Envoy of the Prime Minister of Pakistan to the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka in 1994.
  • Represented Pakistan at the Signing of the Twin City Agreement between Karachi and Alexandria in September, 1996.
  • Special Envoy of Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1995 to SLORC, Burma.
  • Visited the U.K, as Governor Sindh to brief the British Foreign Secretary, Members of Parliament, and Government Officials in June, 1996 and addressed the Pakistan Society at the Lincoln’s Inn together with the British Home Secretary.
  • Led Pakistan Delegation to the Forum of Federation in Montreal in October 1999 which was also addressed by Presidents’ of the USA, Mexico and Prime Minister of Canada.
  • Received and briefed numerous visiting Heads of Government, Ministers and Officials as Special Assistant to Prime Minister in 1990 and Governor Sindh during 1995-97.